Wednesday, July 31, 2013

12x12 die cut

Hi everyone!!

First of all, I would like to thank you to come and visit me. :) That's really greatly appreciated!!
Second, since you are here it means you like scrapbooking and what I do, I would like to ask you a little vote. I participated in a Studio Calico contest but my video alone is not enough to win, I would need enough votes too!! So if you are interested in seeing my video AND voting, here's the link to get to the Facebook page where the contest is happening. You'll have to like the Studio Calico's page.

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Did you ever ask yourself what you could do with this huge 12x12 stencil or die cut that you love?? That was our assignment for this month. Here's what I did:

On this page I wanted to record what my daughter Maya is saying at the moment. She is just starting to talk more so the same things are coming over and over again.

The background is a piece of white cardstock that I had left over after I had cutout several speech bubbles. I backed the ones where I wanted to write with ledger paper and the other bubbles where backed with colorful patterned papers.

I added a title with foam letter stickers and with corrugated cardboard letters.

Here you can see a little of what I wrote.

And I added a stitched border and some black color shine splatters.

My die cut was not very balanced. There was a large column on the right where there were not speech bubbles so I used this space to add some embellishments. I used the speech bubbles that were left over from mu die cut.

Thanks for looking!! :)
And thanks for voting!! :)
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3 in a row for Get it Scrapped

Hi everyone!

One of my assignments for this month was to make a page featuring 3 photos in a row. Here's my page:

The story here is that my daughter Arielle met Princess Ariel when we went to Disney in Mai. We were lucky enough to meet Ariel twice in two days and she remembered Arielle from the previous day so it was quite a feeling when she said: Wait! Did I meet you yesterday? You were at the castle!!" The three very similar photos I chose are telling a story, almost like a comic strip. 

To embellish I did some stitching on a chipboard flower, I used lots of rub ons (the bubbles) and I arranged the ribbons in a "wavy" way.

My journaling is Princess Ariel talking.

And then me talking, and saying how we feel about the story.

I added some Color Shine from Heidi Swapp to add some sparkle. This spray mist goes every where these days!! I love it! (make sure you check the new colors coming out in September. There's white!!!!)

I was not very fund of my photos since they were taken in the grotto and they are all reddish and dark, but I love the story to for me, that has priority over the quality of the pictures. Always! I will never refrain from telling a good story just because I don't have good (or any) pictures! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Project Life - Week 23

Hi everyone!

Here is week 23 of my Project Life album.

Patrick turned 37.

This is a 8x8 insert holding one of Arielle's drawing. I like to see her drawing evolution in my album.

On the other side of the 8x8 page protector I printed a cute picture of my girls together,

I added a simple embellishment from Dear Lizzy.

Here's another insert, holding more pictures.

I added some small tags for the journaling.

This is the card I made for Arielle's dance teacher.

The quality of this picture is NOT good at all. But still, it's a picture of Arielle and Maya so I kept it. I wrote directly with photoshop on the picture and added a small tag and a chipboard tiny star.

On the other side I have lots of pictures of Arielle's dance show and a ticket stub.

To hold the show program I used a magazine holder that I found at Staples.

A small paperclip is hold the page of Arielle's group picture. Right behind the program you'll see her diploma that she got.

And on the back side of the diploma I added her group picture that would have never find a home on our walls anyway.

This week was Arielle's last day of Pre-school. Very emotional. Maya will be the next one going to this school in September and as you can see, she already loves her future teacher.

Some pictures of Arielle at the dentist and Maya watching the scene closely.

My parents were here for Arielle's dance recital and Arielle's birthday (it was on the same day).
And I saw a snapping turtle in the street. At least it's slower than a bear if I ever have to run away!

This is Arielle's birthday meal with grand-papa and grand-maman.

She was so happy to turn 5!!

See you soon for some pages!! :)


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where is the little girl

Hi everyone!

There's this song my daughter wants to hear EVERY night when I put her down to sleep. It's called: Where is the little girl. These things that happen over and over again, for many weeks/months, it's obvious that we have to record them somehow.

For this memory I thought I'd not only put it in my Project Life album, but that I'd give it a page to itself.

So here it is:

I created it for Get it Scrapped as a part of an article about two part titles

My title is very long because when Arielle asks for this song, she not only ask by it's title but she says 3 sentences of the song!! But since I wanted the focus on the middle part of those 3 sentences, I used bigger and glittery letters to make it stand out. 

The main journaling talks about Arielle who is growing up, how she is right now, close to turning 5. 
There is another part of the journaling that goes all around the page and this is the song lyrics.

I stitched a lot on my page. The patterned paper I used was a sunburst but to give it texture I decided to cut it all out and to sew it on a white cardstock.

Here is a look at the details.

See you soon!!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Project Life - Week 22

Hi everyone!!
Project Life Week 22 is here. :)

Coming back home on Monday. I continued the idea of writing the day and a small tag for a comment. Here the girls are at the airport, saying goodbye to Mickey.

I like this small size picture I took directly from my Instagram feed,  with a caption in the sky, adhered to a 3x4 card.

A little incident happened: The fondant mermaid I had made for Arielle's cake looked to yummy that the girls couldn't refrain from licking her face.

Last practices.....the recital is approaching fast.

When I came back home two birthday cards from friends were sitting in my mailbox. I LOVE GETTING BIRTHDAY CARDS!!!! I showcased them in my album in a 6x6 page protector.

This is an artwork that Arielle made in school and that we just got back that week.

Arielle's end of Pre-School test, letters recognition.

The little end of year show they presented the parents.

This week was all about end of school year and end of Pre-K. Here is the gift I made for the teachers.

Here are her teachers. 

And here are two birds that made their nest in my plant. :) Cute. I also documented how my new diet with no wheat, corn, soy, milk and eggs is going. Hanging in there. 

Thanks for looking!!