Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm officially a guest blogger! :)

Hi everyone,

just a quick note today to send you over to Shimelle's blog where I was invited to share something with you today.

I can't tell you more..... you'll just have to go and see for yourself! :)
It's HERE.
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lots of patterned paper and a trip to Shefford

Hi everyone!

This is a page I made about my trip when I go to Canada. This time we did a part of the way with Patrick (he drove his car, I drove mine) and we stopped at a butterfly house at almost half of the way. But the rest is basically almost the same and since it's not a very common thing to do, driving such a long way, alone, with 2 kids, and since I do it often, I thought I might want to have it recorded in some way.

Have you ever wonder you you could mix many patterned papers on your page without your layout to feel too busy? One way to succeed is to separate your patterned papers with a solid border. Notice here hoe I used 7 different patterned paper to make the sun. And I also used 2 different patterned paper tu frame my page. If you'd like to explore more ways of doing that, here is an article at Get it Scrapped about that topic. You can find it here.

Ok, talk to you soon guys and thanks for stopping by!
Marie :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A cake and some thoughts on memory keeping

***Edited (I think I was very tired yesterday night when I posted this! I corrected some typos down there...) ;)

Hi everyone!
First of all, let me introduce you to my brand new 5 year old! :)

There she is.

This is Arielle. She just turned 5. She just finished Pre-K, will be starting Kindergarden next September. She just had her first dance recital and she nailed it! She was so very excited to turn 5 and there she is.....

She's 5!

yeah, this is totally her. Her personality shines through this series of pictures. :) I love it!
Ok, so she turned 5, and everyone who knows my a little know that I wouldn't be satisfied (Arielle wouldn't be either!) with a raspberry-chocolate cake like this one. Although I heard it was really really good. So, I made one. A little bit more special, let's say it like that.

She wanted a mermaid cake.
She got a mermaid cake.

She got an awesome mermaid cake!

Everything hand made. Every little flower and coral, the fishes, sea horses, the mermaid (of course!).... Everything is edible too. :)

She also got some matching balloons and hand made pompoms!

And here's the traditional "Me bringing her the cake" photo. As happy and proud as always. :)

She's happy too and that's priceless!

Take your time, make a wish.

She wanted lots of fun and lots of friends. She got both.

Happy Birthday big girl! :) I love you xox

Ok, I also wanted to talk to you about the Paperclipping Roundtable. For those who don't know it yet, it's a weekly podcast about scrapbooking, well worth a look! I can never wait to hear the next show. So, did you listen to it this week?? I did! And it was so touching! I would say that if you have only one show to choose from the very long list, this episode would be of a great value! Just a littlle résumé? Jackie Wood, who is on the show, woke up one morning not knowing what happened in the last 8 years of her life. She has some kind of amnesia. In hear head, he daughter is 5, but in reality she is 13. And what about internet and the new technologies? Was Skype existing 8 years ago? Did you have a child that you would (or maybe not at all) remember? It had me thinking so much about how I scrapbook, what memories I record, do I tell enough on my pages? Jackie was saying that after her loss of memory happened, she turned to her scrapbooks and when ready a page she was always wanting more. That's often how I feel when I do a page. I feel like I say a lot, but never enough. Sure, we have the context now, because we still remember it, but what about in 20 years? What should I have written down so that the context would be there? And so that my mind wouldn't scream for more after I finished looking at the page? I'm telling you, go listen to the episode right now! It's happening here. :)

Ok, so that's it for now. I have to go to bed!!
Talk to you soon and thank for stoping by.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Project Life - Week 15

Hi everyone!!
Welcome to week 15 of my Project Life album.

The first card is a print screen of Facebook showing one of my pages that Heidi Swapp posted on her wall. You can see 42 likes under it. It made me really really happy. I think it ended up with about 70+ likes. That was definitely a high light of my week. On the side of the picture I added a piece of card from the PL kit where I wrote some explanation.

In the middle of the page I lined up 3 pictures showing Arielle and Maya hugging each other.

And this is a cute story about Arielle (thinking that she is) doing magic.

My insert this week contains a craft that Arielle made in school + a water painting she did at home.

On the backside, a water painting made by Maya. 

These post it notes are from Patrick. Arielle loves to take note lately so he played with her and took some notes himself, writing down all he has to do. What I love most about it is that he wrote down things that he had to do (including games he had to play with the girls) and that gives me a good sense of what we are doing in our house at the moment. 

Here a couple of photos taken the day before I was leaving for a week in Canada.  When that happens, and Patrick is left behind, he likes to make special things with us before we leave. That day we went to the bookstore, had a cookie and coffee and we read some books at the table.

The other pictures are at the butterfly house on our way to my parent's house.

And finally here's a picture of the road. The way from here to Canada is so so so pretty!!

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Project Life - Week 14

Hi guys!
Week 14 is a strange week, I can't show you everything just yet so I'll show you what I can. :)

This is something Arielle made when she met her future kindergarten teachers. I was not at the meeting (had to wait in the hallway), but I guess she had to color in some shapes.... :) Her name on the yellow cardstock reminds me of the name we had in front of our little desk when we were in 1st grade. :)

She made these two in school.

Again, school work from Arielle and a really cool painting from Maya who learned to flick the paintbrush. ;) She sure has an awesome teacher! Ha!! LOL

This is part of one of the numerous pages I can't show you..... The card was in my Studio Calico kit and I thought it was fun that it's separated in two parts because I often have two things to put in these 4x6 pockets, like here. Oh and I wanted to show you that I used a Facebook post to add an update to my nephews and niece's school situation.

And this cool seahorse was painted by Maya, my 2.5 years old on a night where she didn't sleep AT ALL! It was part of an abstract painting and she told me while looking at it: look mommy, I drew a little seahorse. ;) I cut it out to make this cute 3x4 card. :)

There you go!
See you again soon for the rest. :)
By the way, in some days I'll have a secret to share. ;) 


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Project Life Week 13

Hi Everyone!
It's been a long time since I haven't talk about Project Life. The thruth is, with all the work I had to do (aside of my family life) these past months, I fell behind. Really behind!! Something like 10 weeks behind!! Yes! So this week I was "kind of" not so much in stress (that's not totally true, I have a birthday cake to make and a birthday to organize for Friday) but let's just say I took the time to work on my Project Life and now I am just one week behind! YESSS! :)

So I won't show you everything today, but lets start with week 13.

Seeing the beauty around me. And noticing the small details of our every day life.

A conversation I had with Arielle about me having two girls and not two boys. (She brought it up, not me!) She told me it was my lucky day when I ad my girls. And she added that her lucky day was the Easter bunny gave her TWO necklaces!

Taking advantage and enjoying my life in the USA. And enjoying also the time that I can spend with my parents in Canada.

This is an insert. (I have 3 inserts this week - I was in Canada so I always come back from there with pictures and stories!) I documented the strike we were at, my mom and I, to support my brother's family as the school board decided to close their school.

More pictures of the strike.

I still had a little card from my class with Becky Higgins and I thought the saying is so much in line with what's happening in this story. Next to the card there's a picture of my 2 nephews trying to save their school.

I went to Canada for the strike and I organized along a family reunion in a maple sugar house. It's always great to spend the day with my aunts, uncles and cousins.

I've written on a journaling card the 10 main things that happened and that I liked that day. This is a picture of me and my brother's wife. Love her.

More pictures and a short stories at the sugar house.

Oh yes, there was also my brother's birthday and Easter! That's why I have so many photos and inserts! :)

Here I added 2 pictures on one 4x6 card.

And here is an Instagram that I stapled on a 4x6 journaling card.

This morning I photographed my whole album up to week 22 so I'll show them to you in the next days.

Thanks for stopping by!