Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back from Disney

Hi everyone!
We are back from an AWESOME week in Orlando, Fl.
Did I say it was AWESOME?! It was!! :)
We had some rain everyday but somehow we managed to never get wet. I don't know how that could happen since we were in the parks every day!!

Anyway, I haven't scrap my trip yet (you know I will do it though) ;) but I have a page that I made for our trip to Disney last October that I didn't show you yet. It was published over at getitscrapped.com though, so maybe some of you have already seen it.

As you can see, it's a double page layout. I love double pagers when I have lots of busy photos with lots on them!

So for this page I chose my 7 happiest moments and I kind of made a little story around each photo.

First happy moment: Arielle meeting Ariel! Precious. I love how my Arielle put her legs together to mimic flippers. :) So even if this picture wasn't the best one, a little blurry, the light is not right, the colors are off, I selected it anyway. I also like how we can see that Arielle is happy.

Happy moment number 2: Arielle in her first _______ !! She was having so much fun, not scared at all, arms up in the air, smiling!! It was priceless!!

Happy moment #3: We had a character dining with Winnie the Pooh and his friends at the Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom. I love this photo because it's one of the rare photo I have with my parents. And I love that Maya (my smallest) is blowing Tigger a kiss. She was VERY afraid of all the characters but Tigger got a kiss. I was happy. :) Under the photo I tucked 2 Gold doubloons I grabbed after the Jake and the Neverland Pirates show at Hollywood Studio. 

Here's the second page:

Happy moment #4: a photo with Mickey, and the 4 of us TOGETHER on ONE photo!! That's specious!! I like that I layered a fast pass and a Mickey sticker under the photo. Even if the ephemera don,t always match the photos, you know, at the end those 2 things are way more at their place than this Ranger false ticket stub, don't you think?

Here's another rare moment where Maya is interacting with a character. She's holding Minnie's nose. :) Do you see the back of a ticket with the Disney logo on it? And the little golden Micky that I found on the floor? ;) I also used some black and white Disney patterned paper and added the orange patterned paper that I used here and there throughout the whole layout.

Happy moment # 6: the Halloween decoration. It was GORGEOUS!!! I use to see Disney in December or in May. It was the first time that I saw their Halloween decor and I would have photographed every single thing!! Notice my Halloween patterned paper?? On the left page I used some paper with black cats on it. They are from the same collection.

Last happy moment: Arielle meeting Belle. She was SO SO CUTE!!! She was holding her dress like this and putting her hand like that, every time she would meet a Princess. It was awesome! Oh I love her! :)

Finally a word on my title work: I cut out the Disney with my Silhouette. I used the Disney font that I found online. 

Voilà!! :)
And off I go scrapbook a little more. ;)
Ah it feels good to be back home and craft again. :)


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Get it Scrapped - scooter ride

Hi everyone!
A new layout of mine was published today at getitscrapped.com alongside other layouts about bike rides.
Since my daughters don't ride bikes yet (Arielle is learning to ride without training wheels but I don't go on field trips with her on her bike) when we go for a ride I'm walking and they ride their scooters. Even Maya is very good at it!
I like the page I created. It's very soft and girly. And oh how I love to use polaroid photo frames!!!!

I did my title with some older Thickers and the new letters from Dear Lizzy that I so totally love!! I went with 2 very different colors, fonts, styles. And I stitched the 2 words to unite them.

 I used some polaroid frames that I found online for free and that I printed on white card stock. I cut out the inside with an x-acto knife.

This little man on a scooter is a small card I have had forever and I thought I'd never use.... you see, we never what we'll need. I keep EVERYTHING!! :) I stitched it to add some cool texture inside the frame and I added the date on the frame with my smash date stamp. I added a simple Dear Lizzy chipboard arrow to direct the eye to the next picture.

Here's a detail shot of my focal point picture that I have set right under my title and that I didn't frame but printed in a bigger size. I stitched some Dear Lizzy chipboard accents in the white space of the photo. I kind of like it .... a lot! :)

Here I played with chevrons to direct the eye. And I added some texture and fun to my layout with some rub-ons from Heidi Swapp! I never have enough of those!!!!!! (And I secretly wish that Heidi will soon have a new something to replace/accompany these!!)

Here's a look at my journaling that I framed. And I added another rub-on at the bottom.

On the side I used 2 triangles to act like arrows to direct the eye.

Voilà. :)
oh, and can you see that there are some glitter in the background paper? And did you see all the stitching?? ;)

Ok, we're off to Disney!!
Have a nice week, guys! :)

Talk to you soon!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

an ode to my friend and some watercolor love

Hi everyone!!
it feels unreal..... I'm leaving in a couple of hours, no kids, just my husband and I.
My in-laws are here and will take care of the kids while we're away.
We are going to Orlando, our favorite destination, even without kids!

Before I leave, I wanted to show you something I made 2 weeks ago when I went to visit my parents in Quebec. I have my best scrappy friend there so I brought us some goodies to play and make a page together, something that had never happened before. Sure, when Gen comes here we do get to scrap, but usually we both work together on one page (mine or hers, it depends on who needs help), but this time I wanted that we both do our own page and I also wanted to push Gen out of her comfort zone (she ALWAYS do double page layouts and it's ALWAYS about/for her kids!) and have her do something artsy, a single page, about HER! :) So we did!

I brought all the material we would need and I let her have a peek into Wilna's art class which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! We watched Wilna do a page, and we then did the same. Here we are:

(Notice the bag of chips in the background!) ;)

Here's our set up, at my parent's dining table:

And here are our pages:



Aren't they cool?? :)

One thing Gen struggles with when scrapbooking is the journaling. So to help her, I decided the theme of the page (even cut a title for her with my Silhouette) and I sent her an e-mail the day before our meeting telling her she had to write down 34 things she likes at the moment. Well, 5 minutes after the e-mail was sent, she wrote me back sayong it was done. See, when you are not writing FOR a scrapbook page, I think it's easier to write. Maybe because there's no pressure, or the expectations are less high? Anyway, Gen' style is usually very graphic and tidy and .... perfect!!!! So I was happy to see her let go and have fun and play. And it was very fun to see that with exactly the same supplies, we got to very different styles. :)

So that's it for today. 
Love you Gen!!

Talk to you soon!
I'm off to (not so) sunny Orlando! ;)

Marie-Pierre :D