Monday, February 25, 2013

Project Life - Week 07

Hi everyone!
Valentine's Day is right behind us and I just captured it in my Project Life album + a couple of love layouts to come after they have been published on Get it Scrapped! :)

Here's my PL spread for week 07:

Just one large label on one photo was all I felt was needed. The other pictures need no explanations.

Lots of inserts again this week..... not as many as last week though. :)
Here a 6x12 with room for 3 4x6. :) And a cute cute (and free!) card from miss Tiina.

2 small labels with some words....

Oh my! I was soooo happy to have my parents with me. They always come only for 3 days but it's always 3 wonderful days!!

Some cute watercoloring on the other side. :) Cause I'm in love with Wilna and her art class!!!

A small tag here and an etiquette there.... some hands from Maya, that I took down from our Valentine's wall. :)

My little work of art inspired by Wilna.

And Arielle's work of art inspired by myself. ;))
+ her little I love you in sign language that they made in school.

My Valentine's section. :)

There you go!! :)
Have fun Project Lifers!! :) It's all about that!! :)


Thursday, February 21, 2013

1 page, 8 pictures!

Hi guys!

Do you like pages with one photo and lots of embellishments? Or do you prefer pages with lots of photos?
For my part, I prefer pages with a story, no matter the numbers of pictures that come on it. ;)
What I some time struggle with are pictures of my childhood, because they don't always have a "big" story attach to them. So, what I did in this page I'm about to show you is gather some pictures of my childhood, pictures that don't really tell a specific story, and I grouped them together with random stories worth remembering that don't exactly match the pictures. Does that make sense?

Here's my page:

In my title I included: Pictures taken from '78 to '82 and the memories in the list are totally random, not associated to either one of the pictures on the right.

Here are some detail shots:

The title is made of foam glitter Thickers in brown mixed with some rub-ons.
I then stamped my prompt (when I was young) that is the beginning of all sentences that are to come.

Here from another angle so that you can see the dimension better:The journaling:

The "subtitle" to introduce the dates:

I did lots of sewing and embroidery on my page and I love it! It gives a home made feel, full of texture. :)

If you want to get some other ideas of (double) pages using 8 photos, hop over to the get it scrapped blog where my page and many others have been published today.

Thanks for stoping buy!!!!
Marie-Pierre :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Project Life - Week 6

Hi everyone!!
My week 6 ended up with LOTS of pages!!!

Here you can see a card I got for the New Year. It's from Switzerland and it's a copy of a "decoupage", the art I also practice. I had to include it in my album and even though New Years is long gone, I don't mind showing it in my album just now.
I also have another dance shot since the curtains to have a peak in the class room are open every first tuesday of the month. :)

The first insert and some following are drawings and stuff my oldest daughter made. Here is her first love letter (!!) to a little boy in her class. He's so funny that she loves him. ;)

I added a little note just to give some context.

I included some work of art from my youngest too.

And since I couldn't decide what to keep and what to throw away, I decided to keep almost everything. :)

Lot's of Instagram this week....good that Becky has some page protectors with square pockets accompanied by some 3x4 pockets. Awesome!! :)

A print screen and a sticker arrow.

See, this is just a half page insert. :)

a 5x7 pocket ...

...for the best pictures!

See you again soon!! :)